So, it’s 50 years since a certain Time Lord materialised on our screen for the first time. For Wen and myself the celebrations have an extra special dimension. It was our mutual enjoyment of Doctor Who that led to us finding each other and realising we wanted to spend the rest of time (and space) together.

Tonight as we watch the special 50th Anniversary episode, it will be like an extra anniversary for us.

Let’s go back to March 1st, 2008, our wedding day. Here we are with our wedding cake. It’s 50 years for The Doctor and five a half happy years for us since we cut the cake – and here’s to many more to come.Image


Waliens Goes Fourth – The Final End

Work is well underway on the fourth and final volume of The Waliens Saga.

Titled The Final End, the book brings the saga to a dramatic and world shaking conclusion.

No more can I say about plot specifics (spoilers and all that) but things –

Ah, well, you’ll just have to wait and see, but those looking for an action orientated sci-fi romp that is unashamedly meant to be an enjoyable and fun read won’t (hopefully) be disappointed.

So far, Richard and myself have done around 26000 words and hope to have a first draft ready by next Easter.

Before then, volume three, The Journal of Richard Siwop, is due to be published next spring.

Watch this space.

Ready for pre-order

The Old Gods is available now for pre-order direct from my publishers at The book costs £10.50, which includes packing and postage.

A Kindle edition will also be available soon.

Available for order now, also from is R.W Finlan’s The Harbinger of Doom. Cost: £11.50 (inc. p & p).

Both books can be paid for with paypal, and if you don’t have a paypal account, don’t panic, credit/debit cards can also be used.

The Old Gods are coming back – are you ready?

The Old Gods, The latest novel by myself and co-author, Richard Finlan (pictured right), is due to be published in the autumn.

It’s the follow up to Waliens and continues the saga of strange goings on in the bottom right hand corner of Wales.

This time, it’s not the town or valley which is affected.  World shaking events are due to unfold, events which hold the key to ancient secrets and shocking revelations about the future of the human race…

The book will be available both in print and Kindle/ebook editions.

For those who haven’t caught up with Waliens yet, print copies can be ordered from here:

The Kindle edition is available from Amazon  in the UK, US, Europe and the rest of the world.

For a signed copy, get in touch with me directly by email

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